Spiderman rumour/fact of the day is that Logan Lerman is almost certain to be the new Spiderman in Sony and Marc Webb’s reboot of the Spiderman franchise.

The story comes from Hitfix.com and the report states that the Percy Jackson star, Logan Lerman, is Sony’s choice to replace Tobey Maguire in the “more teen friendly’ vision of the Spiderman film with Peter Parker fighting crime, trying to complete his homework on time and dealing with girlfriends. Sounds terrible to me.

Marc Webb (500 Days of Summer) is directing which is promising and it’s being penned by James Vanderbilt (Zodiac, The Losers) which also adds a lot of promise to it, but like many people I really don’t want to see a teen friendly version of an iconic superhero and feel it’s going to be a huge mistake seeing this short arse actor fighting crime whilst dealing with puberty.

The other actors apparently beaten to the role as Peter Parker were Anton Yelchin, Jesse Eisenberg, Patrick Fugit and Johnny Simmons. Who would you have gone with? Eisenberg would have been my choice.