The creative collaboration between filmmaker Neil Jordan and actor Liam Neeson has yielded some fine work across the years, and the duo are back together again, as the latter brings Raymond Chandler’s literary creation to life in Marlowe.

To mark the film’s Sky Cinema release, we had the pleasure in sitting down with them both, as we discuss what makes Neeson a good detective, and standing on the shoulders of other actors who took on this role, such as Humphrey Bogart and Robert Mitchum. Marlowe is also noteworthy for being Neeson’s 100th movie, and so we asked about his career, and what film he holds closest to his heart.

Watch the full interview with Neil Jordan and Liam Neeson here:


Detective Phillip Marlowe becomes embroiled in an investigation with a wealthy family in Bay City, California after a beautiful blonde hires him to find her former lover.

Marlowe is available to watch now on Sky Cinema