It’s that time of year again, where we wear loud jumpers, drink silly lattes and listen to the same songs, over and over again. It also means it’s time for Christmas movies (yay!) and the first big hitter of the festive season is Last Christmas, and to celebrate the release of this feature, inspired by the music of George Michael, we sat down with director Paul Feig and actor Henry Golding, who plays the romantic interest to Emilia Clarke’s protagonist.

Golding discusses with us whether he’s a fan of Christmas, and George Michael, while also telling us whether he was inspired by his character. He also comments on his whirlwind couple of years, and tells us whether he’d be interested in the role of James Bond…

Meanwhile with Feig, who is impeccably well dressed, talks about Golding being Bond, as well as working with Clarke, and how he came to be involved with Emma Thompson’s screenplay. He also discusses with us what attracts him to female led stories, and what he felt the Brexit sub-plot added to this movie. Finally, he tells us about his love for British comedy, and comments on how he reacts to negative reviews, following a graceful response on Twitter this week to Rolling Stone.

Watch the full interviews below:


Nothing seems to go right for young Kate, a frustrated Londoner who works as an elf in a year-round Christmas shop. But things soon take a turn for the better when she meets Tom — a handsome charmer who seems too good to be true. As the city transforms into the most wonderful time of the year, Tom and Kate’s growing attraction turns into the best gift of all — a Yuletide romance.

Last Christmas is released in cinemas on November 15th