Some casting news and further details for Matthew Vaughn’s Kingsman franchise has arisen putting the feature-length films foremost as the TV series takes a backseat.

The first piece of news comes in the form of the prequel ‘Kingsman: The Great Game’. Sources have confirmed the step back in time is due to commence filming in January 2019 in London and will last approximately five months. Instead of the all-out action fest, the prequel is said to take the period drama route. It will focus on the man who would go on to become Kingsman and focus on world history.

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Casting news has also be announced for the prequel. Daniel Bruhl, Charles Dance and Matthew Goode have all joined the cast undisclosed roles. Rhys Ifans also joins the cast to play a dangerous and manipulative Russian mystic. Vaughn is expected to take the helm on the film which will see Harris Dickinson plays cocky young WW1 hero Conrad eager to continue serving his country. Ralph Fiennes will play his mentor.

The third in the franchise that will carry on after ‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’ is currently being written by Vaughn. This instalment will see a return for Taron Egerton’s Eggsy and Colin Firth’s Harry. Production is looking likely to start towards the end of 2019, giving Vaughn a short break after filming the prequel.

With the aforementioned prequel and threequel at full steam ahead, the proposed spin-off TV series seems to have taken a back seat at this moment in time. There are currently no details available as to when this will head into production.