Two things I love. Muppets and Twin Peaks. Until now they have remained islands of interest unconnected; each perfect and wonderful in their own idiosyncrasies and delights, but that time has passed. Things are different, and I blame Justin Lawrence DeVine.

This artist (whose work has already terrified me on more than one occasion*) has amalgamated the most famous mindsprings of Jim Henson and David Lynch in a series of paintings which throw our beloved Muppets headlong into the world of Twin Peaks, and the results suggest they were made for each other.

You can see a selection below, but I urge you to visit his site here, (or go here for the Twin Peaks specific items) and enjoy the full range – better still go here to his InPrnt page to buy something.

The Blu-ray edition of Twin Peaks and Fire Walk with Me is out in a couple of weeks. We are planning some fine Lynchian coverage, so stop back on your way won’t you?

* see below for terror inducing illustration:

Twin Peaks Yikes!