Forget The Avengers gag reel, this is the craziest video you’re going to see today! It’s gone viral and will no doubt spur on numerous YouTube spoofs.

I feel bad laughing at it but the parents of the children seen here seem to find it funny so why shouldn’t we?! The Odd Life of Timothy Green was released in the US last week and these two boys have just been taken to see the brand new (family friendly) Disney movie. This footage is captured after they’ve seen the movie and got back in the car on their way home. The parents of the kids had to pull out their video phones to capture the reaction to the movie after they’ve seen it. After you’ve watched this video, you may need to heed caution before taking your kids along to see it when it’s released in the UK 7th December.

Here’s how the mother of the two kids seen here captions this video:

Spoiler Alert! The ads for The Odd Life of Timothy Green bill it as the “feel good movie of the season”. As you will see by the reaction of my two sons, they beg to differ….

Please note, this video contains spoilers but you’re going to be glad you watched it because it’s pretty funny!

When asked by their mother what people will do when they see this movie the answer comes…..

“They’ll tear out their eyes!”

Have a watch below and parents beware!:

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