If you’ve not seen Matthew Vaughn’s movie, Kick-Ass, I implore you to get down to your local multiplex to watch it before it leaves it’s place in the cinema. It in my top three movies of the year so far along with Toy Story 3 and How to Train Your Dragon (slightly different genres I know!).

The sequel to the highly controversial movie will be called Kick Ass: Balls to the Wall and Mark Millar (who wrote the first comic book at the same time the movie was being made) has stated that production for the movie should begin next year.

Spoiler alert

If you’ve seen the first movie, you’ll know that Christopher Mintz-Plasse’s character, Red Mist had everything he knew and loved taken away from him so we’re pretty sure that the storyline will focus on him becoming the ‘Big Daddy’ in his father’s (Mark Strong) empire.

More info as we get it.