Earlier this month it was announced that Amanda Seyfried (Mamma Mia!) had been signed to star in Andrew Niccol’s upcoming movie I’m.mortal, ComingSoon have unearthed news that Justin Timberlake has been offered the film’s lead.

Taking place in a future in which “time has become the currency”, I’m.mortal sees a rebel go on the run with a beautiful hostage (Seyfried) when he is falsely accused of killing a wealthy man for his time. Forced to fight the system, the couple discover that there is something even more powerful than time; love.

Due to the film’s mythology preventing¬†ageing¬†past the age of 25, a young cast will be required. More than being simply young, however, Timberlake has proven his acting ability in a number of roles. Revelatory in Alpha Dog, participating in this years The Social Network and easily the best thing in Southland Tales, it is about time Timberlake found himself in a leading role.

While no release date has been announced, Niccol’s commitment to direct Stephanie Meyer’s The Host and Seyfried’s ties to Catherine Hardwicke’s Red Riding Hood make an early 2011 shoot likely.

Reported by Steven Neish