Deadline are reporting that Cillian Murphy (Inception) is set to star opposite Thandie Newton (2012) in the upcoming thriller, The Retreat. Cillian Murphy will replace Jason Isaacs, who was previously attached.

The film is set to shoot this September on location in Wales. However, it has not yet been revealed who will direct The Retreat, but expect an official announcement very soon, as this is a project that’s garnering a lot of buzz, even before camera have begun rolling.

According to Deadline, the film’s plot is as follows:

Murphy and Newton will play a husband and wife who rent a remote island cottage while trying to repair their marriage. One day they find a biohazard-suited soldier washed up on the beach, who warns them that everybody on the mainland has been killed by an airborne virus. That’s when the psychological fun-and-games begin…

The Retreat will be produced by Magnet Films, who pitched the film as a cross between Knife In the Water and Dead Calm. Sony Pictures will handle distribution in the UK.