It was rumoured for some time that Justin Lin’s next big screen project would be an attempt at getting the Terminator franchise back on track with a returning Arnold Schwarzenegger, however Indiewire’s The Playlist are exclusively reporting that Lin’s next project will be a sixth entry to the Fast and Furious series.

Lin met with both James Cameron and Schwarzenegger and he still appears to be the director of choice for the next terminator feature but given Schwarzenegger’s priorities resting firmly with his role in The Last Stand for some time which frees Lin up to return to the franchise that has made him such a sought after director.

Lin has reportedly also had conversations regarding directing a Highlander re-boot as well as Die Hard 5 but passed on both of those, with Lin hinting at lack of creative control being the main reason, although he will act as executive producer for Highlander. It’s great to see a director refusing to accept a job unless he’s allowed to make the film according to his vision.

Given the massive commercial success of Fast 5 as well as a warm critical response another instalment to the series was always going to happen, and it’s pleasing that Lin will be at the helm once again.

Without spoiling too much; the end of Fast 5 did hint strongly at a continuation of the series and it would appear that the film will focus more on the heist element rather than the street races that helped establish the franchise. Given the fact that Fast 5 is the strongest instalment this makes sense.

Regulars Vin Diesel and Paul Walker will return alongside Dwayne Johnson and the film has been pencilled in for a release date of 24th May 2013 so there’s a bit of a wait.

As always we’ll bring you updates as and when they become available.