Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ended with the Man of Steel falling in battle with Doomsday. However, in the closing few seconds, the Death of Superman proved not to be particularly permanent as the dirt on the hero’s grave could be seen floating in the air.

Despite that, we still have no real idea about how exactly the iconic DC Comics superhero will make his return in Justice League next November. In the comic books, the resurrected Superman came back from the dead sporting a mullet (it was the 90s to be fair) and a new black costume which was absent from that first official group shot revealed at Comic-Con.

However, a new Instagram post from Henry Cavill has sent speculation into overdrive today.

As you can see below, the British actor appears to be teasing Superman’s black costume for Justice League. It would certainly make sense for a comic book fan like director Zack Snyder to treat fans to seeing this suit on the big screen before the Man of Steel dons his classic duds for the final battle, but there’s every chance that Cavill is just teasing everyone here.

With no sign of Superman in that first trailer, we’re just going to have to wait and see…



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