Jurassic Park came back to the cinema last year and it was amazing to see back on the big screen. I think what I liked most about it was that they changed nothing to the movie, it wasn’t a Lucas style ‘let’s make loads of tiny changes’, it was staying true to the original cut and simply remastering it. That’s why I’m not sure how to take this news that Universal Pictures have announced they will be post-converting Steven Spielberg’s classic into the third dimension.

According to Deadline, the 3D version of the film will be released July 19th 2012. Personally, I think this could work and if it doesn’t, I’m just going to go back to my remastered 2D Blu-ray and be just as happy.

This news follows the likes of Titanic being post-converted into 3d (and released next month) and it wouldn’t surprise me if we see other historic big releases coming soon to 3D. Jaws anyone?!

Your thoughts very much welcome in the comments below!