OK, so here I am sitting here sorting out all the BAFTA stuff when I hear the lovely Royal Mail postman push something rather large through my letter box. Ahhh, Empire I thought to myself. While approaching the door I see something marvellous, something wonderful, something that I thought I’d see back in 1985……

Yes, you guessed it, the new Empire cover is that of back to the Future. It’s the iconic image that we’ve seen for many year now but still it gets me every time! I simply love Back to the Future as I know many of you out there do. The iconic music, the wonderful gadgets, the Deloren. Does it get any better?! Inside the magazine on page 88 (!) they have a great feature on the making of the movie, interviews with Bob Gale, Steven Spielberg, Robert Zemeckis and some wonderful photos and mini features.

Why is it on there you may ask? Well, this year is the 25th anniversary of the movie and no doubt this year we’ll be brining you more from 1955, 1985, Time machines and bolts of gigawatt powered lightning.

So, in all it’s glory, here is the new Empire Cover which you can click to enlarge.