The Hollywood Reporter are reporting that Julianne Moore is set to portray Governor Sarah Palin in HBO and Everyman Picture’s forthcoming adaptation of the book Game Change, written by John Heilmann and Mark Halperin, which follows the events of the 2008 presidential election where Palin was John McCain’s running mate.

Moore is an interesting choice given her support for left leaning policies that contradict the beliefs of who she will be portraying. Although in recent years we have seen the likes of W which had a number of left leaning people involved in portraying George Bush’s time in office. Here’s hoping Game Change is considerable better than W though.

News on who will be filling other key roles has yet to be revealed but Jay Roach will be directing with a script by Danny Strong, a start date for the production has also yet to be announced. Roach is more commonly associated with comedies but has previously tackled political material with the star studded TV movie Recount, which was also written by Strong.

You’d have thought that Tina Fey would have been an ideal choice given her SNL performances but obviously they’re not going for the comedic angle. Whether this will be released theatrically or will be a TV special has yet to be announced but given the involvement of Moore it’s safe to say that some Awards season recognition is expected.