Recently reported to be in the running for the film adaptation of the hit stage musical Wicked, and with his TV series Glee commissioned for a further two seasons,  Ryan Murphy finds himself a very busy man.

Even more so when news breaks today (via Deadline) that Sony pictures are offering Murphy a $5 million deal to write and direct a star vehicle for Julia Roberts, an actress who’s undoubtedly talented but a prospect that no longer seems to excite audiences.

Here’s how Deadline describe the film,

In the romantic comedy, Julia will play a working woman married to a stay-at-home husband. She loses her job, their roles are reversed, and she has to adjust to motherhood.

Plan B’s Brad Pitt and Dede Gardner, who have a hand in Eat Pray Love – the forthcoming film in which Murphy directed Roberts, are set to produce the new film alongside Murphy.

So the pair obviously like working together but with a release date not even yet set for the UK, and Robert’s failing to score at the box office it’s uncertain how Eat Pray Love and this future picture will fare.

As reported by Jenny Clayton.