The Terminator franchise is one of the most iconic of our generation, spanning three decades and three directors and giving us catchphrases, mind-bending time travel plot-lines and a enemy that is the Frankenstein of the 20th century. The cultural impact of these films is evident as we recognise the metal skeletons with the red unblinking eyes instantly; Arnie with shades uttering his famous ‘I’ll be back’ is one of 80s cinema classic moments.

James Cameron’s follow up T2: Judgment Day pushed the boundaries of special effects and remains an electrifying film today. Jonathan Mostow’s Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines may have been an unnecessary extension of the franchise but its use of the Terminator property was still engaging.

I’ve yet to see Terminator: Salvation so can’t pass judgement but the story of John Connor can be enjoyed from the first frame to the last, with all the portentous nuclear rumblings and punk hearts of the early films to the CG heavy war stories of the recent Terminator films courtesy of the BFI.

They will be playing the films back to back this Saturday, the 3rd of October beginning at an insomnia busting 11.30.

This is an excellent chance for those of you close to London to take in the whole series in one night. Click here to read more about this epic night and to book tickets.