In news that simultaneously surprises no-one and delights everyone word has made it onto the fair seas of the internet that Joss Whedon is set to write and direct The Avengers 2.

The Variety report also states that Whedon will develop a Marvel TV series for ABC. In other news Joss Whedon will now never be short of a few quid in his life.

Given the box office haul from the first film a sequel was never in any real doubt, however it was by no means certain that Whedon would return. Marvel, however, have seen sense and retained a key member of The Avengers team; arguably Whedon’s witty script and well-practised handling of the ensemble cast went a long way to making the first film one of the best of the 21st Century superhero films.

It is certainly Whedon’s year, with The Cabin in the Woods pummeling the last breath from the post-modren horror horse and his much-touted ‘secret’ project – Much Ado about Nothing – excited fans old and new, it looks as though with the Disney money rolling in we may yet see many more personal projects from the director and this is a very good thing indeed.

More as we get it, but doesn’t the idea of Andrew Garfield as a high-school Spider-Man under Joss Whedon seem perfect fanboy fodder?