I’ve always been in two minds about a Goonies sequel. Had it come along straight after the original movie, i think it would have been embraced by all but now that 25 years have passed (literally last week – check out our interview with some of the original Goonies and director Richard Donner here) it all seems like it should be left in the classics category to reign on high as an 80’s classic.

TotalFilm have pointed us to an interview that Josh Brolin gave with Extra where he basically said it’s not going to happen:

“I saw Steven Spielberg on the street about a month and a half ago, and I asked the reality. I hear there is a script, yes, but there’s no talk about doing a Goonies sequel at this very moment.”

“And that’s the first time I’ve been truthful about that answer… ever.”

It’s nice to know there’s a sequel script but again, does anyone want it to come to fruition? Surely Brolin is now far too big a star to entertain it? But that said, maybe he’s like to reconnect back to his roots.

Now, all that said, have a look at this article here which talks about 80s / 90s classic movies being remade. We’ve already had Karate Kid make a comeback bringing in bucket loads at the US box office, then the A-Team and now Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead. What’s to say that The Goonies isn’t next to have an overhaul?! Just because the original cast aren’t going to make another, doesn’t necessarily mean that Warner Bros. couldn’t revive it does it? But then surely the original cast would have to cameo!? Oooo the possibilities!

Not sure how I feel about that idea either. Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.