Making his directorial debut with the incredible looking Tron: Legacy, Joseph Kosinski has been lined up to direct Archangels, a sci-fi film being developed by the Scott brothers, Tony and Ridley.

Penned by Andrew Will, the film, to be set in the not-to-distant future, is being described by HeatVision as,

A Bourne style thriller crossed with alien elements. The protagonist is part of an elite force that is tasked with tracking aliens who get past Earth’s defense system.

However similar to Ridley Scott’s Aliens series this sounds, it has the potential to be an impressive, conceptually beautiful, sci-fi flick.

It’s hard to comment on anything Kosinski will be attached to until the release of Tron: Legacy, as there’s nothing to judge him on, but with guidance from the Scott brothers, and a script from a video-game writer, there’s nothing stopping him taking a stab at it, and nothing to stop us looking forward to seeing what he and Scott Free do with this one.

Reported by Jamie Neish