Having burst onto the scene with the indelible indie hit Kings of Summer, Jordan Vogt-Roberts now follows in the footsteps of the likes of Colin Trevorrow and Gareth Edwards in making the move into the realm of the blockbuster, helming Kong: Skull Island – and doing a rather good job at it. To mark the film’s March 9 release we sat down with the impressively bearded individual to chat about the project.

That being said, we couldn’t resist asking about the forthcoming Metal Gear Solid movie that Vogt-Roberts is developing, and fans of the video game franchise will be comforted to hear that the director is determined not to lose sight of what makes the games so incredibly popular.

Kong: Skull Island“Metal Gear is a masterpiece of media not just video games,” he began. “We’re developing the script on that right now but there’s no franchise that I would rather shepherd into the world as a film than that, and try and protect Kojima’s voice and try and protect the tone of it, and try and protect the visceral things that game makes you feel when you play it, because I don’t think there is anything on this planet like Metal Gear Solid and I think it could be an incredible film”.

Back to Kong – Vogt-Roberts tells us why he felt the Vietnam setting was so important to this narrative, and the joy in releasing a film that offers such a pure sense of entertainment. He also tells us how grateful he is that big studios are taking risks like this on indie filmmakers, and whether he may be interested in returning to the helm for the epic production Godzilla vs Kong.

Kong: Skull Island is released on March 9th. You can read our review here, and check out the rest of the interviews with the cast and crew right here.