he-manHe-Man and the Masters of the Universe was a big deal when I was growing up. We gathered around the TV to see what the good, bad and ugly of Eternia were getting up to each week and then high-tailed it to the streets to perfect our bad American accents and dubious understanding of He-Man and Teela’s relationship.

The 1987 film was, for me, a whopping disappointment though it is a favourite of many, Editor of the site Dave S included. I never could understand the rubber Skeletor, or the absence of Orko and so on. However as we’re stuck in the path of the reboot train we are, unsurprisingly, about to get a new Masters of the Universe movie smack bang in the face.

The man behind the camera is Jon M. Chu, whose latest toy based movie GI Joe: Retaliation is premiering in London today.  During an interview with Getty Images Entertainment in London to promote his latest movie, GI Joe: Retaliation, director Jon M. Chu admitted he’d love to have the original big screen He-man make an appearance.

He said,

I don’t know if Dolph Lundgren is around or what he’s doing but, yeah, I think that could be some fun if we could find a way. I hope he still has the loin cloth and the long hair and everything.

Although no casting announcements have been made yet, Jon says the project is well underway although it isn’t easy,

I’m working on the movie right now and it is fun. I love the fact that I have a whole world to play with, I love that challenge. Tonally it’s very tough to do but trying to figure all that out is what I love about film making.

Expect more updates on this project as another toy range makes it out of the 80s nostalgia whirligig ala Michael Bay’s Transformers. Expect a CG Orko and maybe, just maybe, a darker, edgier take on the story. As long as they have Trap-Jaw and Beast Man I’ll be happy. Although I don’t imagine it’ll be as faithful as the 1987 Masters of the Universe Power Tour, check out the images of that below…

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Find out more about the Power Tour here, though it’s advisable that you don’t. Or watch the video below…