Having been fortunate enough to sit down and spend some time with the wonderful Jessica Chastain, to celebrate the release of the pertinent courtroom drama Miss Sloane, we then chatted to the man at the helm, John Madden.

Madde, fresh off the back of the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel franchise, has turned his attentions to the American political system, and in particular, the nation’s relationship with gun control. The film has naturally, given its relevance, attracted much publicity, and we asked the filmmaker on his thoughts about making a film that is sparking debate.

Miss SloaneMadden, who comes from Britain, also tells us why he feels coming at this narrative from an outside perspective was effective, while he went on to speak about America’s relationship with ambitious women, another theme explored within this indelible drama. Finally we ask about the licence taken with this endeavour, as despite being steeped in realism, still takes a heightened, affectionately cinematic approach to the material at hand.

Watch the full interview below…

Miss Sloane is released on May 12th. You can read our review of the film here.