It’s hard to believe that Ian McShane is 74 years old – not just his presence and energy on screen, but how he carries himself off it, which we learnt when interviewing the screen legend to mark the release of British boxing movie Jawbone.

McShane – who plays Joe Padgett, explains how his character fits into the narrative, and how taken aback he was by the indelible aesthetic. He also discusses the appeal in shooting an indie flick having been such a regular force in Hollywood blockbusters, and whether he has contemplated writing a screenplay himself, given Jawbone was penned by the leading star Johnny Harris.

Finally he speaks about the lure of the boxing sub-genre, which tends to breed such consistently compelling results, and whether he’d be keen to get involved in a third entry into the John Wick franchise, as well as speaking about his role in the television series American Gods.

Watch the full interview below…

Jawbone is releasing in cinemas from 12th May, and will be available on DVD from 5th June.