During this week’s virtual press tour for the film Band of Brothers, star of the film Joel Kinnaman gave an insight on working on James Gunn’s ‘The Suicide Squad’.

With James Gunn’s past offerings of delivering comedic light-hearted projects, his version of DC’s Suicide Squad is expected to go down the same route tonally. Speaking with HeyUGuys’ Stefan Pape, Kinnaman, who returns to the role of Rick Flag in the movie,  revealed that this was exactly what we could expect and it was a completely new experience for him.

“For me, it was a totally new experience! I told James you have to guide me on this because no one has ever asked me to say something ridiculous like this with a straight face, before”. He went on to admit he had to work hard to get it right, “I had to work hard on it, and sometimes, James had me do 12-13 takes to get the right tone” Praising Gunn, Kinnaman added “That’s the relief of having someone that is so sure tonally in that space of guiding you”

“The tone of the film is completely ridiculous, ridiculous characters, incredible R-rated, super silly humour, surprisingly moving at times, I can’t wait to see this film myself, when I read the script, every page made me laugh. It just has a real handle of that genre of James Gunn, he knows he can go so silly, he can put a silver toilet seat on John Cena’s head and it becomes the best thing you have seen in a long time”.

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With the news that there will be a Peacemaker series, played by Cena, Kinnaman went on to reveal how the hilarious and perverted John Cena blew them all away with his comedic and perverted rants.

“I think we were all kind of blown away by John Cena on that movie, from day one he started improvising, he went on these comedic rants. It was 98% un-usable because it was so sexually perverted and wrong and so bizarre, bizarre things that came out of that man’s sick, sick brain. It looks like he was born out of an American flag, he is just so ridiculously American. He is a brilliant comedian, I tried to learn from him but that’s impossible because the things that came out of his face can come out of his perverted brain”.

Have a watch of the interview below.

The Suicide Squad is scheduled to premiere in limited US cinemas as well as on HBO Max on August 6, 2021.