There hasn’t been a wealth of comedies this summer, but The Festival provides all the laughs we need, in one of the funniest films released for some while. To mark the occasion, we sat down with lead star Joe Thomas and director Iain Morris, who are collaborating yet again after their work on The Inbetweeners.

We discuss with them the hilarious ensemble, with a cast consisting of Jemaine Clement, Nick Frost and Noel Fielding, while they also speak about the challenges of not corpsing on set when surrounded by such funny people. They tell us what their favourite of all the music festivals is, and how hard it was to focus and remain sober, when filming a movie in such a carefree environment.

Finally we move on to The Inbetweeners, discussing with the pair whether they still enjoy being stopped on the street, or having things like ‘bus wanker’ shouted at them from afar, as Thomas tells us what the most common phrase is that he has to contend with.

Watch the full interview below:


After his girlfriend dumps him at graduation, a young man thinks his life is over. His best friend has the perfect solution: three days at a giant music festival.

The Festival is out in cinemas now.