Over the summer, Joe Carnahan released two sizzle reels – one PG-13, and one NC-17 – for his pitch for a Daredevil movie. Sadly, the clock ran out on the project, with the rights reverting from Fox back to Marvel, and the sizzle reels are set to be all we’ll ever see of Carnahan’s take on the comic book hero.

The writer/director has now put out a reel for a different project he’d been hoping to work with alongside Jerry Bruckheimer at Disney, and his pitch included the ever-brilliant Clint Eastwood in the lead.

Splicing together clips from other films (with a great shot of Frasier’s John Mahoney opposite Eastwood in In the Line of Fire), the sizzle reel is an interesting look at what could have been.

“Sizzle reel for a defunct movie project that I was interested in doing with Bruckheimer at Disney. I was really fired up to work with one of my heroes: CLINT. That was the big reason why I put this reel together.”

It appears Gemini Man won’t be arriving on the big screen any time soon, but here’s Carnahan’s pitch, to give you an idea of how it could have looked. Enjoy.

[yframe url=’www.youtube.com/watch?v=MOpaJiP36Ig’]

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