The Saw franchise will be returning to our cinemas this Halloween, with the first trailer for ‘Jigsaw’ out, meaning that ‘Saw 3D: The Final Chapter’ is no longer the final chapter…

The film picks up about 10 years later than the apparent death (in ‘Saw III’) of the Jigsaw Killer, John Kramer (Tobin Bell). New, gruesome murders are being discovered around the city, with the evidence from the investigation pointing to Jigsaw. The question is who is this killer? Is Jigsaw still alive or is there a copycat? It is something for the police to figure out.

A Trap in 'Jigsaw'

Michael Spierig, one of the directors, has said that this outing will be more fun and less vicious compared to the previous films:

“We’ve got some pretty wild traps in the film — we don’t shy away from the gore. It’s such a perfect Halloween scarefest. It’s perhaps not quite as vicious and more fun, which is something we tried to inject into it. But it’s still full of good fun gore, that’s for sure. And, on top of that, it’s got a really great mystery, and there’s very interesting twists.”

Jigsaw poster

The ‘games’ or ‘tests’ that we are familiar with seeing have returned but, from the trailer, it does appear that this entry to the franchise will be less dark and more of a fun time. This is due to the choice of music and inclusion of the brief joke at the end. While it is likely the film will still contain lots of gore, it seems that it may be a film that can be enjoyed more than some of the weaker films in the series. It is looking to be “a perfect Halloween scarefest.”

For details on the original announcement and cast, click here. ‘Jigsaw’ is in UK cinemas on October 27.