Jeremy Renner may have been absent from the latest Avengers shockbuster, but the actor’s name is currently being linked to Todd McFarlane’s Spawn.

According to That Hashtag Show, Renner could be playing the lead role of  Detective Twitch Williams. The character is described as “an honest detective” who will team up with Spawn as he seeks vengeance for the murder of his young daughter.

Jamie Foxx will play the role of Spawn, the character who started out in the comics as Al Simmons, a member of a CIA black ops team who is betrayed twice. McFarlane has also adapted the script from his own comic book series.

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The story follows Spawn after being set up by his cohorts to be murdered with his corpse set aflame, Newman is double-crossed in Hell. He is convinced to become a Hellspawn warrior in exchange for being able to be reunited with his wife. But Spawn finds himself stuck in a demonic creature shell, and that his wife moved on and married his best friend. So this is one pissed-off antihero who attends to dispatching the scum of the city in good and evil battles that encompass Earth, Heaven and Hell.

McFarlane has spent many years trying to get this project off the ground but it has finally found it’s home at Jason Blum’s Blumhouse. With an expected low budget between $10-$12 million dollars he intends the picture to be gritty and an R-rated version of his vision. He also wants to stay clear of the cliche origin storyline.