Moving from one of the most successful television comedy shows of all time to a feature film career has been a rocky road for the Friends team.

Jennifer Aniston’s post Perk career has taken a familiar path with romantic comedies strewn left, right and centre, and news comes today of two new films Aniston is orbiting.

The first is WanderLust, Universal’s latest Apatow production which will reunite director David Wain with his Role Models lead Paul Rudd in a story about a couple whose financial difficulties lead them to take refuge at a commune.

That’s as much as Variety tell us in their report, suffice to say that teaming Aniston with Rudd is a good move, as they have shown in previous movies (and Friends) to be more than capable of performing admirably in well written comedies.

The second film on Aniston’s radar is Horrible Bosses for New Line, which would put her in the cast with Jason Bateman and Colin Farrell, and if Just Jared have their facts straight, Jamie Foxx.

From what I know of this one it’s on a 9 to 5 vibe, with maybe a little bit of Strangers on a Train as frustrated workers plot to off one another’s ‘horrible bosses’.

That’s far more interesting than Marley & Me 2: In for a Penny – In for a Pound.