There’s just something about those pesky ghosts… Sony Pictures are keeping the ghost hunting dream alive by signing up Jason Reitman to take the helm on the surprise ‘Ghostbusters 3’ project.

Reitman will be following in his Father’s footsteps, Ivan, who directed the first two films in the franchise back in 1984 and 1989. The next instalment is said to be a continuation of the 1984 film and in no way connected to its all-female 2016 reboot.

Blimey Update – there’s a teaser trailer already online. Turn up the volume!

Its too early to say whether any of the original cast will be returning but Reitman has promised a few surprises and new characters; “ [There are a] lot of wonderful surprises and new characters for the audience to meet and so further details will be dolled out over coming months”.

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Sources for EW have revealed that Reitman has begun testing teenagers for four mystery roles, which instantly makes us think of some kind of time-travel or a plot along the lines of Tom Hanks ‘Big’ might just be a part of the plan.

Sony has always been big fans of the franchise and where looking for ways to bring the original back to life. The even went covert in closing a deal with Reitman with a fake title of Rust City just to keep the news out of the press until the time was right.

Reitman has co-written a screenplay with Gil Kenan and plans to shoot the film this summer, with Sony planning to release the latest sequel in summer 2020.