To celebrate the release of Archie, the new mini-series telling the story of Archie Leach, aka Cary Grant, on ITV, we sat down with the show’s stars to find out all about it.

Bristol 1911. After his father tells young Archie Leach his mother is dead, Archie finds a new ‘family’ in an acrobatic troupe. After travelling to New York to play vaudeville with them, Archie heads to Hollywood where his good looks gain him a new name – Cary Grant. All is going well until he receives an unexpected phone call from his father. By 1962, international movie star Cary Grant is on his third divorce when he starts to pursue a beautiful young actress. Dyan Cannon becomes his fourth wife and the mother of his only child Jennifer. Can fatherhood bring peace?

Chatting to Jason Isaacs (Grant) and Laura Aikman (Cannon), we chat about the challenges of bringing real-life people back to life and the innate skill of doing so, why Cary Grant was such a dynamic talent and revered by so many, the love story that emerged between Grant and Cannon in his later years and their family, why Grant’s story is still hugely prevalent in the 21st century and their favourite moments on set, as well as much more.

You can watch the full interview below:

Archie is now streaming on ITVX with episodes to air on ITV soon.