A month and a half ago news broke that Sam Worthington was all set to be Asger Leth’s Man on a Ledge, a film about a framed cop on the run from the police threatening to jump from a building.

While the female lead, whose character is the psychologist with the job of talking Worthington’s character down, has not been cast (although the name of Amy Adams is being spun through the rumour mill), there are names attached to two other characters in Leth’s film.

Jamie Bell has been named as the man to play the brother of Worthington’s character who, according to Deadline,

happens to be planning a heist of a jewelry store across the street while the cop threatens suicide.

Anthony Mackie, so impressive in Kathryn Bigelow’s The Hurt Locker, is also mentioned as a contender for the role of Worthington’s ex-partner.

A strong cast and a premise which gives Worthington the chance to show he can do more than lead CG heavy action films should make this something worth watching. Or it could falter and plummet into the generic, cliche strewn, streets below.