With Toy Story 3 going to bn and beyond at the box office Pixar’s star has never been more in the ascendant, both critically and commercially;  to throw their, not inconsiderable, hat into the crowded ring of sequels and reap such rewards is testament to the studio’s ability to create inspiring and, most of all, extremely enjoyable films.

It was announced a few months ago that one of the forthcoming projects, newt, was cancelled, and only a few images, most notably the Next Xing roadsign image below, survive to give us a glimspe as to what director Gary Rydstrom had in mind to follow on from his highly lauded short Lifted.

Now, in a move which is typically bold, Pixar themselves have given us a great look at what might have been, via Facebook, with a copious amount of concept art for the movie.

newt was to tell the story of the last pair of blue-footed newts in the world who were to brought together by scientists to repopulate the species. Cue screwball comedy with sparkling wit and, from what we can see below, beautiful character designs.

Oh well, at least we get this. And you never know with Pixar…