Tonally, there are few films in recent memory as difficult to get right as The Disaster Artist, which walks the line between comedy and tragedy in a seamless fashion. Much of that is down to the film’s director, and leading star, James Franco – and we had the immense pleasure of speaking to the man himself, alongside his younger brother Dave, who plays the supporting lead in this indelible production.

James Franco plays Tommy Wiseau, the man behind the worst movie ever made, The Room – to take us onto the set of this glorious abomination and help us understand what on earth happened. Dave plays Greg Sestero, the lead in The Room and Tommy’s best friend – as the two brothers discuss their characters relationship, and how that’s the core element to this movie.

They also speak about establishing that tricky tone and ensuring the audience isn’t laughing at Tommy (too much). We then ask about Wiseau’s involvement in the film, and how he gave ‘99%’ of his blessing – and James Franco tells us what that 1% doubt was. We then asked the pair to tell us their very favourite moments from The Room, mostly because we wanted to hear James Franco say ‘Oh hai Mark’. You’ll be pleased to hear it worked.

Watch the full interview below…


Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero become friends after meeting each other in an acting class in San Francisco. Hoping to achieve Hollywood stardom, Sestero moves to Los Angeles and signs on to appear in his buddy’s project. Financed with his own money, Wiseau writes, directs and stars in “The Room,” a critically maligned movie that becomes a cult classic.

The Disaster Artist receives a limited release on December 1st, and is then released in cinemas across the UK on December 6th.