‘IT’ star Jaeden Martell and Donald Sutherland have been cast in the upcoming adaptation of Stephen King short story ‘Mr. Harrigan’s Phone.’

The feature, which is a co-production between Blumhouse and Netflix, is based on King’s 2020 novella ‘If It Bleeds.’ It follows a young boy in Maine as he befriends an old and retired billionaire named Mr. Harrigan, the pair first bonding together through an iPhone.

When Mr. Harrigan dies, the teen puts the phone in his pal’s pocket before burial and when the lonely youth leaves his dead friend a message, he is shocked to get a return text from beyond the grave.

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‘Saving Mr. Banks’ and ‘The Blind Sides’ John Lee Hancock will pen the script and director the feature. Ryan Murphy, Jason Blum, and Carla Hacken will produce.

Filming is due to commence this month. Netflix schedule a release in 2022.