There was a special time in every millennial’s life where Jackass – a show about men doing the most absurd and asinine pranks to one another – was the dog’s bollocks. Watching the ridiculous show after school and countless Kerrang videos became a ritual. The raucous cohorts of friends daring one another to do the most obscene or dangerous acts possible was so popular that it spawned a number of films, even its own spin-off movie.

Now they return twelve years after their last movie with Jackass Forever, proving that watching grown men get hit in the balls is actually timeless.

Directed by Jeff Tremaine, and reuniting the likes of Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, Wee Man, and more,  Jackass Forever is a full-length collection of absolute insanity. After ten years away, the reunion is bigger and ballsier than ever.

The main aim of Jackass Forever is to push the boundaries of pranks and these lewd feats and, therefore, I don’t want to give too much away. The fun comes from the unexpected. Though you can expect the usual collection of blood, vomit, shit, and semen, there are vicious animals, electric shocks, and a penis gone awry on the streets of a city.

There is something of a wholesome quality to the film that is key to why Jackass is so successful. Though there are occasional pranks on the public – they are never the targets. The stars are the ones who put themselves into the situation and are game for almost everything.  There’s a genuine kinship involved that makes you smile and laugh along with them – even as the bruise, break, and bend every bone in their body.

There are new welcome additions such as Zach, Jasper, Rachel, Eric, and the affectionately named Poopsie. Not only does it feel like a swansong for the original crew but there is an affectionate passing of the torch to new players – they themselves having grown up with Jackass in their lives. Eric Andre, Tyler the Creator, Spike Jonze, and Machine Gun Kelly are amongst the famous faces that make cameo appearancea in all the hoopla.

Jackass Forever is hardly going to turn ardent detractor into a fan. You either like watching men (and women) make fools of themselves or you don’t. It is a vulgar, squeamish film that will make you snicker,  scream, and squirm. Or, in the case of this reviewer, laugh so hard that you almost choke to death.

After a terrible couple of years, Jackass Forever is almost a cathartic watch. Especially if you don’t have a dick.