Sylvester Stallone has tipped that John Rambo might return.

During a fan-letter-interview hosted by Aint It Cool News, Stallone admitted to entertaining the notion of a prequel to First Blood, the first Rambo movie.

I certainly think this is worth pondering because it’s intriguing to find the whys and wherefores of how people have come to become what they are…The traumas, the loss and the tragedy of being in Vietnam would certainly be a great challenge for a young actor and it would be ironic that Rambo directs younger Rambo after having played it for 20 plus years.

While there are undoubtedly individuals that are excited at this prospect, it is difficult to imagine what material there is left for a prequel to mine. While the most recent Rambo was by no means a bad movie, the franchise to date has already incorporated flashbacks showing the titular hero’s torture in Vietnam.

It is also true that Rambo, like Rocky, is so intrinsically Stallone that the role might not survive being recast, any new actor unbelievable in their performance. Whether or not this is the case, with the latest Rambo earning $1 million worldwide, we will unlikely have long to wait to find out.

Reported by Steven Neish