Matthew-VaughnThe past week has seen one of the biggest pieces of news of recent years emerge, with the announcement that George Lucas is selling Lucasfilm to Disney, who will be putting into production a new Star Wars trilogy, with an eye to put Star Wars Episode VII into cinemas in 2015.

The coming weeks and months will no doubt be abound with rumours aplenty as to who will take the helm for the first episode in years, and the first rumour has now emerged in the form of Matthew Vaughn.

Vaughn recently exited the director’s chair for X-Men: Days of Future Past, with Bryan Singer taking the role in his place, and we’ve heard that Vaughn is still looking to make another movie with Fox, which could be another Mark Millar adaptation, Secret Service.

Collider are reporting that the reason behind exiting the X-Men sequel is in fact that he’s in talks to direct the next instalment in the Star Wars franchise.

His schedule is looking encouragingly light with Days of Future Past taken off the calendar, and if Disney are intending to have Episode VII in cinemas in 2015, then Matthew Vaughn would be a very solid choice that would likely please a significant number of fans of the franchise.

Vaughn did a fantastic job at the helm of Kick-Ass, and followed it up with one of the best reboots in recent memory with X-Men: First Class, and if he could work a little more of that reboot magic on Star Wars, so much the better.

For the moment, this is all just a rumour, which is stressed in the original report. But it’s definitely a rumour that’s going to be talked about a lot, and will have the Internet abuzz for the rest of today, and pretty much as long as it takes for it to be either confirmed or denied.

Star Wars Episode VII is currently slated for release in 2015, and if this rumour is indeed true, we might be looking forward to Matthew Vaughn at the helm. He’s come a long way in a short time, and done a fantastic job on each of his films so far, and it would be very interesting to see what he did rebooting a franchise as enormous as Star Wars. More as we get it.