Joseph-Gordon-Levitt-and-Gary-Oldman-in-The-Dark-Knight-RisesThings are starting to get very, very interesting for Warner Bros. and their upcoming Justice League film.

Yesterday, we heard some potentially awesome news, with Zack Snyder teasing that his upcoming Man of Steel movie could tie into the studio’s upcoming Justice League movie, which would naturally imply that Henry Cavill will be playing Superman beyond next summer’s blockbuster.

Whilst we thought that would mean Man of Steel would be kicking off a new DC Cinematic Universe, it now appears that Christopher Nolan’s immensely successful Batman trilogy could well be the jumping off point instead.

*SPOILER ALERT – If you’re still yet to see The Dark Knight Rises, you may want to stop reading now*

HitFix are reporting that Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who played John Blake / Robin in The Dark Knight Rises, is going to be appearing in Justice League as Batman.

And even more interesting than that, the studio are apparently solidifying deals to have Gordon-Levitt and potentially at least one other actor from Nolan’s films to do something before Justice League – exactly what isn’t yet known, but a post-credits scene for Man of Steel wouldn’t be out of the question.

Now all we can do is speculate – who else could be returning alongside Gordon-Levitt?

Gary Oldman naturally springs to mind as Jim Gordon, with whom Gordon-Levitt, now becoming the Batman, could help to fight crime in Gotham.

I would have loved to see Anne Hathaway return as Catwoman, but I also think that Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle’s ending in The Dark Knight Rises is a much better way to finish their involvement in the franchise.

Time will tell. In the meantime, this is still just a rumour, but HitFix are a fairly reliable source of information, and let’s hope that their sources are strong. Because seeing Gordon-Levitt don the suit would be amazing. We had heard talk of Armie Hammer circling the role last month, but I would love so much for Nolan’s Batman trilogy to exist in the same universe as both Man of Steel and Justice League.

Gordon-Levitt would make for a much leaner Batman than we’re used to with Bale, but he’d also be an inspired new take on the character, and it certainly sounds like Warner Bros. are stepping up their game to go toe-to-toe with Marvel and their Cinematic Universe.

Will Beall (Castle, Gangster Squad) has already been set to pen the script, and we can’t wait to see what direction the studio takes here.

The Avengers has set the bar, and there’s every reason to expect Justice League will rise to the occasion.

Justice League is thought to be eyeing a Summer 2015 release, which can’t come fast enough. More as we get it.