In the crowded arena of procedural police dramas each new entrant needs a hook to ensnare viewers and the clue’s in the name with Unforgettable.

Poppy Montgomery is perhaps best known for her role in the CBS drama Without a Trace and she returned to the network last year to lead this new police series starring as Carrie Wells, a former police officer whose rare condition of hyperthymesia allows her to remember events with perfect recall.

She becomes entangled with an ex-boyfriend (and current NYPD cop) and is drawn back into the murky world of inner-city crime, to use her powers of recollection to shed light on unsolved crimes.

Writer and Executive Producer Ed Redlich adapted the series from a short story by J. Robert Lennon called The Rememberer and the series does well to show that the condition Carrie has can be a blessing and a curse.

The first season is out on DVD right now with twenty two episodes included in the set and we’ve got three interviews to help you get up to speed with Unforgettable. Below you will hear from the show’s two leads, Poppy Montgomery and Dylan Walsh, and the man who put the show together Ed Redlich.

Unforgettable Interview Poppy Montgomery

Unforgettable Interview Dylan Walsh

Unforgettable Interview Ed Redlich

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