With Kingsman: The Secret Service now less than a week away, we had the opportunity to sit down with the film’s leading ladies, Sofia Boutella – who plays villain Gazelle, and Sophie Cookson, who plays Roxy. Both actresses kick a lot of ass in this Matthew Vaughn production – and we wanted to know all about it. We discussed;

– Working with Matthew Vaughn

– Boutella on playing Gazelle – originally a male character in the comics

– The CGI used to create Gazelle’s image

– The training and preparation for the project

Р Working with Michael Caine and Samuel L. Jackson

– Cookson’s surprise at being given such a huge role – and needing that lucky break

– ¬†Cookson’s next project Emperor, with Adrien Brody

– Boutella on her next project, Jet Trash

Kingsman: The Secret Service is out on January 29th. You can watch our reviews with Matthew Vaughn here, Colin Firth here and Taron Egerton here.