Anchorman-2:-The-Legend-Continues-Quad-Poster-sliceHaving auditioned for a role in the original Anchorman production, James Marsden was beaten to it by Paul Rudd. However the actor now returns in the sequel, The Legend Continues – taking on the role of the brilliantly smarmy Jack Lime.

We sat down with Marsden to discuss the role, and how much fun it can be paying such a dislikable figure. He also speaks about how much fun it was to be around on set – and just how different an atmosphere can be created off-set in comedies such as this, compared to the more poignant dramas he’s also starred in, such as The Butler. He also tells us of his upcoming project Walk of Shame, a film also surrounding the world of news anchoring.

Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues is out in cinemas on December 18 and you can read our review here.