Most junkets take place in the cosy environment of a fancy hotel in the centre of town. As lovely as that is of course, sometimes it’s nice to shake things up – and so to mark the UK premiere of Anne Fontaine’s Gemma Bovery – which aired at Somerset House as part of the Film4 Summer Screen programme – we conducted our interview with two of the stars, in that very same courtyard.

Jason Flemyng and Gemma Arterton play an English, married couple – who move to France in this enchanting comedy. We discussed being a foreigner on set, learning French, and just how differently a French crew will work to an English one. Arterton (who is playing the eponymous protagonist) also discusses Idris Elba’s chances of being the next Bond, as an actor she’s somewhat familiar with having recently shot the drama A Hundred Streets together.

Gemma Bovery is released on August 21st.