Today sees the Blur-ray and DVD release of Dead Again in Tombstone: a Danny Trejo starring horror/western sequel in which the Machete star returns to the role of Guerrero: a phantom outlaw back from the dead to settle a score with the bandits that killed him, led by Jake Busey’s crooked Colonel Boomer.

HeyUGuys caught up with Trejo to discuss the production, his passion for westerns, working with family and if or when we can expect to see Machete kill again in space.

Can you tell me a little bit about your character Guerrero in Dead Again in Tombstone? He seems to have a lot of emotional baggage.

To say the least! Guerrero was fun to play. He’s a very good bad guy. No, a very bad good guy! He is a guy who has done a deal with the devil for the second time and has come back to get the guys who killed him.

Which makes Dead Again in Tombstone a supernatural western. You don’t see many of them around.

Yeah it covers a few genres but you’re talking to a man who is a huge western lover. I think Clint Eastwood was the best. He should’ve been president. I also love Charles Bronson too. Once Upon a Time in the West is one of my favourites.

How was the production? It looked like a fun one to work on.

It was! In one scene had to get on top of this massive bison. That took about two days to shoot because it was kind of on the bison’s terms. People don’t realise how big they are! They’re taller and wider than Cadillacs. It was an ordeal but they are such beautiful animals.

You’ve played a lot of outlaws in your time but have a reputation of being one of the nicest people to work with in Hollywood. Is that easy in the industry nowadays?

Well it’s a lot easier to just get on with people than to beat them up.

You’re also very prolific and have a lot of films in the pipeline. Did you always get so many offers or are you just taking more work on now?

I love to work and have Roberto Rodriguez to thank for that. He has done so much for me. I’ve done eleven or twelve movies with Robert now and because of him, I get kids coming up to me at airports all over the world saying “Machete don’t text!” or “Look mommy, the man from Spy Kids!” in so many different languages. Every airport I go to, the kids are screaming at me.

And your character in Spy Kids is also called Machete. Are they the same person?

It’s weird. Robert and I were talking about doing Machete for years. I remember him saying “I’ve got a film for you that you’re going to love.” But then Spy Kids happened and he named my character “Uncle Machete”.

Can we expect to see him return again soon in Machete Kills in Space?

I talked to Mel Gibson when I was in Canada recently and Mel said he wanted to do it. So Robert’s got to start writing but he can do that while he’s eating lunch. Robert’s a genius.

And how about another sequel to Tombstone. Will Guerrero come back one more time?

I’d do one more time in Tombstone. I’ve got other stuff coming up first though. One that’s a bit like Die Hard in a senior citizen’s home. So we’ll be seeing people getting knocked out with walkers. My son has also just written a film. It’s about a father who goes looking for his son who has had a drugs overdose. It’s a tragic but beautiful story. He wants me to play the lead. Henry Hopper, Dennis Hopper’s son, is going to play the son’s best friend. He is an amazing guy. I can’t believe he’s my son sometimes. I mean, I’m no writer!

What do you like to do in your down time if you ever get any?

I’m an activist for misplaced children and dogs. I work on my old cars. I have a 1936 Dodge that a museum keeps trying to buy from me. I’m also doing a lot with my restaurants.

A very busy man. Thank you very much for your time today.

Thank you. God bless.

Dead Again In Tombstone will be released on DVD and Blu-ray™ on October 23rd from Universal Pictures (UK)