GambitWith a script from the Coen Brothers and a cast fronted by Colin Firth, Cameron Diaz and Alan Rickman, Gambit’s screwball heritage should make for a decent comedy.

The film, out today in UK cinemas, is Michael Hoffman’s remake of Ronald Neame’s 1966 film and our friend James Kleinmann  sat down with the film’s leads to talk about the film. Firth and Diaz both have a decent comedy background, with some of their more memorable moments coming from their comedy roles.

Gambit sees an elaborate con played out against Firth’s boss, played by Alan Rickman, and Diaz’s character (the wonderfully named PJ Puznowski) muscles in on the deal and merry hell ensues.

Our review of the film can be found here and an interview with the film’s director will be up on the site later today.

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