I loved how Amanda entered the room for our interview.  She ran in and immediately sat down, eager to chat with us.  I found that interesting because the character she plays in the film, Sylvia Weis, has never had to run a day in her life.  She is the daughter of the richest man in New Greenwich and has had, and will continue to have, all the time in the world.  So when the film really gets going and Sylvia finds that she has to look down at her watch, for the first time in her entire life, running becomes somewhat of a necessity. Here is my brief chat with the reluctant heroine herself, Amanda Seyfried.


HeyUGuys:What interested you the most about Sylvia?

Amanda Seyfried: Well, she has the biggest story arc in the movie.  She lives in this crazy high-concept world where she has all the time in the world, she can be immortal, and the way she views that, her perspective is so different than everybody else surrounding her. It’s cool because she’s a rebel.  She goes through this whole– she needs out, she finally gets out and than she is kind of in love AND frightened by this man that’s captured her.  The first time she meets this guy, which I find so interesting is that, she does fall in love with him the instant she meets him.  There is something there so strong and then she finds out he’s a criminal so she feels very conflicted. It’s exciting. She has a really good story.  I like the aesthetics and that I could change my whole look, finally, and basically being badass.

HeyUGuys:The film ends on a note that sort of suggests a Bonnie and Clyde continuation for you and Justin. Is a sequel something you’d be interested in doing in this world?

Amanda Seyfried: Well, if it does well than yeah. But if it makes nothing, no.  I mean I’m interested in seeing what happens. I kind of, in my own head, think they take down the system. They continue to do that until they have an army.  I see the whole ghetto getting involved with enough passionate people that it basically starts over for everyone.