Pete Docter has a fine track record, even when held up against his Pixarian counterparts, and his latest directing gig looks set to continue that streak.

In a movie which echoes the great Beano/Dandy comic strip The Numskulls we are privy to the development and clash of emotions in Riley and her family when they are uprooted and find themselves dealing with living in a new city.

This set up is ripe for a thorough Pixar plucking and from everything we’ve seen so far there’s heartwarm and hilarity ahead, with a fine voice cast including Bill Hader, Amy Poehler and Mindy Karling.

The new trailer gives us more of an insight into the collision of emotions which is sure to give the film its narrative propulsion. Can’t wait. But I’ll have to, as will you, until the 24th of July here in the UK.

Ellen had the trailer, and she shared it with us. Nice.