With this week’s trailer reveal of their other 2015 film, The Good Dinosaur, it is heartening to know that Pixar are still committed to funneling their creative juices into original projects.

The rapturous acclaim with which Inside Out was met in Cannes points to another heart-rending, hilarious film from the team out in deepest Emeryville.

Our glowing review from Cannes can be found here.

Inside Out sets it scene in the mind of a young girl going through the motions and emotions of growing up. Those emotions are given lives of their own and interact much as you’d imagine. The result is wonderful.

Here’s the gang.inside-out

The film has Kaitlyn Dias as Riley, joined by another typical Pixar vocal dream team with Amy Poehler, Bill Hader, Lewis Black, Mindy Kaling, and Phyllis Smith as Riley’s emotions, Diane Lane and Special Agent Kyle MacLachlan as Riley’s parents.

We’ve got an exclusive clip for you right here, and it perfectly illustrates the interplay of emotions – have a watch.

The film is out on the 24th of July here in the UK, as usual a long way behind the US. But it’s worth the wait.