The Oscars are here again and that means all of Hollywood are buzzing to find out which movie will take the coveted for Best Picture. We just out up a post asking who you think should win here but before you do that, have a little look at this brilliant infographic which shows who would win the award if it came down to social media buzz. The graphic below was created by the fabulous people at PR company Way to Blue and shows some interesting results.

According to the infographic, if it came down to Twitter alone, the Best Picture award would go to Midnight in Paris for the ‘will to win’ but for pure buzz, The Artist takes it. Let’s face it, it’s more than likely that the silent black and white movie is going to win the award on Sunday night / Monday morning GMT but only time will tell.

Check out the infographic below then click here to vote for who you’d like to win the award. We have provided an ‘other’ section incase you don’t want any of the nine selected to win.