Two things are evident when watching this 1996 Making of… documentary about Roland Emmerich’s Independence Day.

The first is that Jeff Goldblum, our host – shot in grainy black and white, is some kind of ultra-human, moving gracefully through a faux Area 51 ‘base’ like a ballerina escaping a disturbed nest of wasps. When stationary Goldblum transfixes us with his economic yet purposeful gestures; he plucks the strings of an invisible harp, prods thin air with an outstretched index finger, kneads phantom dough. His is a stunning display of concetrated chirality.

The second is that they really don’t make these documentaries anymore. Fans of Full Tilt Boogie, the epic Lord of the Rings extras and the Blair Witch offerings will mourn the arrival of the EPK-led special features.

On this day (OUR INDEPENDENCE DAY…) we’re offering you the chance to relive a classic in a whole new way. If you thought the Resurgence sequel didn’t recreate the magic twenty years later, this Making of… will certainly remind you why everyone fell for Independence Day.

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